Thursday, 1 January 2009

Fit For God's Work in 2009

To be available for God to use us for service we must be fit in our physically bodies and within our spirits. As we look after our spirit man, so we must look after our physical bodies.

Whatever we do with our physical bodies must be done for God's glory, as were are directed in 1 Corinthians 10:31, which reads " So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God".

Everyone with good and perfect health will agree that to be healthy is a wonderful and immeasurable gift from God. Our bodies are temples (a dwelling place) for God, and we are stewards of this body, and so, we must do our best to look after it with much care.

As we have started into a new year, as you we renew our minds, I would like to encourage us to also renew our attitude to the way we look after the temple of God, our bodies.

As we exercise our faith through our spirit man, we must also exercise our body to be fit and healthy, so that we are a FIT TEMPLE, for God to use for his glory.

We can become a fit temple by paying attention to what we consume on a daily basis and making sure our physical bodies gets enough exercise.

You might be thinking or saying, "I am too old, too overweight, or don't have time to exercise or eat right".

That might true, but there are ways we can make a healthy and fit lifestyle our daily reality by taking steps to clear out our bodes of old eating habits, excess weight and toxins. We could walk that extra mile to and from work, take a healthy packed lunch to work or eat less refined foods.

The first step is to know and understand that we are the custodians of God's temple our body. Thus, we must make a decision to treat it with LOVE, RESPECT AND CARE - on the inside and outside.

We must also realise that its never too late to develop a fit and healthy life style; to create a fit temple for God's service.

I found that whilst looking after this temple through exercise, I am also able to feed it spiritually by listening to messages, or the talking bible, or even a book on my mp3 player - 2 benefits for the price of one action!

So, to help you along your way to developing a fit temple for service this year, here are a few things you can do:
  • Join a Gym - If you are able to and there is one local to you, join an affordable gym. It is best to find a location that is in between your going and coming back from work; it increases the chances of you actually going there.

  • Take a friend with you - if you don't like working out alone, speak to a close friend, talk them into coming along with you, even if it's only one day to start with. I'm sure you would have fun and the bi-product might be a better and stronger relationship with your friend.

  • Work out at home: if due to time or financial constraints you are not able to register in a gym, then try working out at home. The basic equipments you need are: A skipping rope, a gym ball and a floor mat. There are lot of crazy sales out there and you can buy them for less than half the price. Find a time of the day that is good for you, when the kids are asleep or in school and try and fit in at least an hour workout every other day - take it one step, one day a time.

  • Discover the outdoors - Running: well if all of the above is still difficult to do, more so because of financial constraints, then simply go out doors and run. Its free! If you can take someone with you, if you can't take your mp3 player or Ipod with you. Run whilst listening to uplifting music or the bible or a message! Be safe whilst running.

Start where ever you are, taking little steps, one at a time, and with God's wisdom and grace, you would soon have a fit temple (physically and spiritually) for his dwelling.

A healthy body is a beautiful home for a healthy mind!

Much Love
Remi Banjo